Fatal Hearts

Fatal Hearts 1.5

Fatal Hearts works like a "Choose your own Adventure" book
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Fatal Hearts is an adventure game that works pretty much like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book where you, as a reader, have to decide to choose where the story would go next. In this game, players have to choose their own adventure and the choice they make will affect for sure how the game ends.

The story is about a fifteen-year old student, Christina, who is spending her summer vacations with her friend Lucy. As the story unfolds, you take control of Christina's decisions by choosing between different options and these will lead you to different scenarios. When you get to solve the first puzzle, Christina starts dreaming about a man somehow familiar and Lucy's parents appear acting strangely. Scenarios change continuously. Christina and Lucy go from the swimming-pool to the kitchen speaking and choosing their future and what to eat. Every decision you make is crucial and your way into helping her is by solving puzzles and being careful since Christina could also become a victim of the killer.

The best feature in the game is that you can make different decisions every time you start a new game.

Review summary


  • The decision players make affect the direction and outcome of the game
  • 14 possible endings


  • Too much time spent on reading dialogues. All actions are described instead of shown
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